Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Voodoo in New Orleans

I was in New Orleans a couple weeks ago and arrived the morning after Halloween. Unfortunately two gang bangers decided to shoot each other on a crowded Bourbon Street at midnight.
The result : 2 dead and 14 injured.
Booze and guns......
I had very little free time but did manage to stumble upon the Voodoo Cultural Center a short walk from my hotel in the French Quarter. Given that it fit pumpkin season, I went in for a look.

It was a small two room museum/working shrine and was packed with all manner of curious bits and pieces. There was a 40 "ish" white woman in dreadlocks doing some sort of hokey poky mutter/incense burning/foot shuffle.
She upped her game a bit when I arrived but as she appeared a bit drunk ( this is NO after all)  her attempts at "raising the spirit" did little to up the spook factor.
It did raise a smile.
When I left the enormous black woman at the door asked me if  I wanted to "leave an offering"
I waved the $5 entry ticket.
" I've already donated sister".
I'm just back from Brazil where I did a three city tour and saw my wonderful wife.
More on that anon.
Love to all

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