Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Great rugby tackles

If you thought the last vid was a one off then look at this. I played yankee "wear your armor" football.
Compared to this its a game for pussies.......

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JR said...

I hear this one allllll the time - how American footballers wear pads, etc. Consider the size of your basic American footlball linebacker is roughly 6'3" and 250+ pounds - capable of running 4.4 40 yard sprints and has spent their life engaging in full collision combat - not too mention the tailbacks in the NFL who average 6'0" / 225 and run like the wind I have a VERY hard time thinking that the Yanks could not field a team that would not dominate any "world" sport you can name.

Same goes for the "beautiful game" which finds Americans - basically our college players - far behind. Leverage our NBA greats - all 6'6" 200+ pounders who can run like the wind and fly high - and I fear that the world would find themselves hard pressed to world another World Cup.

It's a matter of focus - we simply do not focus on these sports - anymore than the UK focuses on baseball.

Fundamentally, the US has some 300 million people - a huge, highly talented, well trained athelete pool to pull from - Enjoy the "French" and "Kiwi" domination of Rugby - if a National past time here in the US - these countries would play for 2nd place. Just athletic economics - not an indication of "toughness".

That said Chabel certainly looks big, fast enough to be a great NFL player. See: http://www.nfl.com/players/brianurlacher/profile?id=URL059326