Friday, November 02, 2007

I made it to Rio, but my luggage is somewhere else in South Amercia

How much do I despise British Airways?
Its hard to put into words.
Avoid Heathrow airport if you can my friends
17 hours of travel, 4 hours in delays and no bags.
Oh ya and meetings in jeans and a sweater in 85 degrees and 85% humidity.
Due to the "1 bag rule" I couldn't carry a spare shirt, toothpaste etc as all space was taken up by my camera and laptop.
"Check the camera and laptop" they said.
There wasn't a huge sense of urgency at the airport this morning to find my bags.
"You know its Friday today right?"
OK its unlikely my bag will show before I head to Brazillia on Monday (if at all).
My first scan of the shops has shown that there's no end of "posing pouches" available but I'm not sure they'll suit.
Its all beachwear and body beautiful gear.
This will be a rather uncomfortable weekend I fear.
Hope all is better wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

Poor Terry, life can feel as if its against you, but i am sure you will look very fetching in a burmuda shirt and shorts socks and shoes !! aaahhh watch out Mr Bean Lol realy hope your bag catches you up :( penny xx

Anonymous said...

I definitely know what British Airways is, I have experienced their treatment. I have been at Heathrow during one of its worse's my least favorite airport. I love England, but I hate its roads and its airports.

Hope you get some nice, clean clothes soon; I know how it is to arrive two or three days before your suitcases.