Saturday, November 24, 2007

Naughty National Anthem

England's defeat at the hands of Croatia at Wembly last week created a rather unlikely hero for the Croatian fans.
Englishman Tony Henry was tasked to sing both National Anthems before the game and he allegedly mispronounced some of the words to the Croat tune.
He should have sung , “Mila kuda si planina”, which translates roughly as “You know my dear how we love your mountains”. Instead, he appears to have sung “Mila kura si planina”, which, although moderately nonsensical, can be interpreted as “My dear, my penis is a mountain”.
TV footage shows Croat players and their mascots giggling as Henry belted out the lines. The team's fan websites are inundated with messages asserting that the gaff broke the tension felt by the players, relaxing them and setting the stage for the night's winning performance. As a result there's a movement building steam to draft Henry in to sing the national anthem before each of the Croation games in the Euro championships next summer
Davor Gagran, a spokesman for the Croatian Football Federation, said: “The diction of the singer was brilliant. Our language isn’t known very well outside our country and it’s very hard to speak. It was very unusual to see somebody who is not Croatian singing our anthem.
“If he said it I didn’t hear it. I’m sure the man who sang the song doesn’t know what the words mean. I don’t think that he did something wrong.”
The best selling Croatian national newspaper, Vecernji List, reported yesterday that the Scotland-based singer was to be invited to perform at a Roman amphitheatre at Pula in western Croatia, in recognition of his performance.
I'm not in London as planned today but will go tomorrow and hang out with Jess then.
Hope this little story raised a smile.

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Anonymous said...

I think Tony Henry has a look of Samual L Jackson !! in his younger days of course :)who i might add is a brill actor xx penny