Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A new pundit in the Blog world

My friend Kassy has started a blog and its quite good and I'm sure from what little I've seen she will build her public.
No more barking in the dark.
She's only done a couple of posts but you gotta love the energy and spirit.
She writes well too.
You can find it here.
Now in entirely another category its time to smack down the other blog I discovered trying to find a graphic for this post.

All very depressing. I was hoping it was just a joke in bad taste.

But no luck.

There are some truly messed up people out there.
Writing about being outraged isn't really enough otherwise before you know it they'll be running our schools, our places of work.....our government.
OK that's probably a bit on the dramatic side and made you smile as you read it.
"Terry, you're getting carried away."
You're right, it's a bit shrill.
However allow me to continue and say that we can all at least do a little bit. A little bit after all was all that was required in the past but good people decided to look the other way.
A ton of "little bits" creates a tidal wave of "good bits".
Then the cowards scuttle back into the shadows.
Blogs may be an outlet but you need to do your part outside the web.
I can hear smug Brit and European voices in my head right now;
"That's the US not here"
Its starting here now.
Just look at the hysterical anti Arab nonsense in the press.
Shrill madness a couple of years ago.
Now it sells papers.
We all need to wake up.
The really scary stuff from the past could all happen again .
It's happened countless times and countless times we've forgotten.
Don't sit on your hands when you know its time to stand up.
When I mean stand up I mean say " This is crap" when you know its nonsense.
I don't mean buying into stupid PC gibberish and spouting the same.
All that does is give credence to the crazies on both sides of the divide.
Be a decent liberal conservative.
A social democrat, a decent person.
Say what you think is right when you hear hurtful "easy to go a-long with" prejudice. Whether you're Black, White, Brown, mixed, Christian, Islamic, Arab. Hindu or Buddhist:
Just say
"No that's wrong."
It's a little thing ( I know it can be big one when you're trying to fit in or in a work situation),
That's a true test of what kind of person you are.
If you read my blog then we are of like minds on this (regardless if you've messed me around or I've done the same to you).
Doing just a little bit is what it's all about.
Do the little part you can.
Tiny little protests are more powerful than marching in the streets.
Be part of a Tsunami of decency.
Sermon over.
Love to all regardless of your race, colour or sexual orientation.
(Man when I'm sick I post a lot huh?)
Love to all

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Anonymous said...

does "doing your little bit" extend to cutting out standby lights, turning the heating down and recycling newspapers? Or is that area a no hoper for you like the squillions who don't believe in people power?