Monday, December 10, 2007

Dubai again

Soon to be the tallest building in the world, the exact height is a closely kept secret. The Chinese are building one of their own in Shanghai and no one knows what provisions have been made in the design of both buildings to add a floor and take the title. Dubai is pretty much a giant building site. One eighth of all the worlds cranes and thousands of Bangladeshis keep the building going 24 hours a day. Its easy to forget the blast furnace of August (40+) in the soft breeze of 25 degrees or so at the moment. The construction workers toil regardless of the temperature and it struck me as appropriate to take a few pics of them. They die in their scores every year due to accidents and negligence and the people enjoying the fruits of their labours would do well to remember the city as it is today would not exist without them.I had a couple of spare hours and went to the Emirates Mall to buy batteries and wander.
In a city of countless malls, the indoor ski hill at Emirates marks out a unique niche in the battle to attract a fickle public.
Hotels, shopping, traffic jams and construction projects.
That's Dubai. One of the odder sights of the day was the promotion by Sony for the new PlayStation 3. The combination of the familiar with the unfamiliar felt a bit jarring. Why I'm surprised to see video games are popular in the Middle East probably says more about my own preconceptions than a commentary on the sociological make up of this surreal place. Racing games have universal appeal I guess.
I'm fairly busy over the next little while and fly to New Delhi overnight tomorrow arriving about 4:30 am. I'll get a little sun in the morning if the queues for all the form filling gives me a break. I need to give a bit of colour to my prison pallor.
See you all next from India.
If something interesting happens in the meantime I'll post it.
Love to all

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Anonymous said...

Fab pics. Hope your rest of year is good and you rake in them there deals. It has to be worth something all your to-ing and fro-ing, no? Drink lots of water and keep hydrated. That's the only advice one can possibly give.