Friday, December 07, 2007

Oh dear. A mid life crisis perhaps?

A nice little manifestation of middle age terror don't you think?
Fun to drive though.
I've spent the week in London at the annual "Online" show at Olympia. It seems to be much smaller than earlier years but twice as busy. Doesn't make any sense but true none the less
I stayed at the "K West" which is a ridiculously priced trendy hotel that says its in Kensington but I'd say it's more Shephards Bush. Every night whichever band (or bands) have played The Shephard's Bush Empire or Jools Holland, decamps to the bar (along with the groupies who've figured out where they're staying.) For the most part I had no idea who they were (take the guys above from Georgia and had "PIG" in their name- no idea), though I SHOULD have recognised the FOO Fighters apparently.
But I didn't much to the digust of some of my younger crew.
Every night after eating and drinking and working, the staid, cynical , corporate world mingled with the tattooed earnest musical fraternity. I often found myself huddled outside trying to shelter from the rain as we grimly shared a suicidal habit which is the brotherhood of the weed (tobacco in my case).
It seemed entirely natural to be chatting at 1 am with a 20 year old kid from Athens Georgia listening to his impressions of his first trip to " AINGALLLANND -
"Kinda wet ...ya get me? "
"Nice suit. I bet you have a big house"
No this is England and no one can afford a big house"
"Yer quite cool for an old guy"
Hence the car.
I started the week as I usually do with my gorgeous little girl. I won't see her for a couple of weeks as tomorrow "is not my day" and I fly out to Dubai and India in the wee hours of Sunday for my last marathon of the year.

I get back on the 17th, do my Santa duties at the annual company Christmas lunch then repeat the act in Madrid over dinner on the 18th. In Madrid dinner means an 11pm start and 3 am finish.

If I'm lucky.

I guess I'm pretty lucky all things considered.

Home on the 19th and back in the UK until the New Year.

Stay tuned as I'll try and post something interesting between now and then.

Love to all



sarah_500 said...

Mid-life crisis and then some!!! Oh well it could be worse, it could be a lurid, headache inducing green audi.

cruxandflux said...

LOL....that audi made some good memories..hmmm like a LONG drive lost in the hills of scotland? Just dont leave any "lavender" in this one... LOL

Anonymous said...

Wait till Jess gets a little older then you will know who's who in the music world !! i am having that pleasure now and love it :) V fest here i come !! my daughters reaction is Oh mum!! lol

Anonymous said...

For you .... It is sad you have to have a day !!! for jess they are children not animals , and should be aloud to have as much normality as possible to give them a good start in life, as life can be hard enough at times with out restritions of those kind u have :( mind i do not know the whole story but give the kids a break :) now i will get off my soap box xxxx safe travels xx penny

Anonymous said...

If you where watching the Brit Awards !!! tonight, you would have seen the foo Fighters got an award !! i am watching with a little more personal interest :) my daughter is there !!! lucky her, we love live bands and concerts :) blink and it will be your Jess and good for her . penny xx