Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A bit more about the Christmas passed

I spent Christmas with my parents, my sister my nieces Hollie and Theresa as well as my brother in law Maurice.
It was a restful break and very nice to see them all again.
The whole trip this year thankfully lacked the drama of last year's airport debacle and sitting around the table on Christmas day was a hell of a lot better than the TV dinner I had in 2006.
Lack of excitement when travelling is a good thing.
I don't get much time to physically see any of them over the course of the year, but we always try and get together at Christmas. The picture above alas is from a different trip to Belfast, and includes my daughter. I had a couple of current pictures of the family from the holidays but am unwilling to incur their wrath posting camera wasn't really performing up to scratch and the pictures seem harsh and overexposed.
I'll stick to "idiot mode" in the future.
The cottage I stayed in is one my parents rent every time they come. The picture below shows it in its summer glory.
Here's my dad in the one decent picture of a person I managed over the holiday.
It was good to see my sister and her husband as well.
My nieces are growing up!
The world continues to turn and another year has passed.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to your dad :) nice to have a family christmas , love the cottage penny x

Anonymous said...

Jess looks just like your dad