Monday, February 18, 2008

Foggy, freezing England

One of the advantages of jetlag is you find yourself up and around when you'd normally be smacking the snooze button.
Today was such a day.
The freezing fog caused havoc on the M11 but looked kind of nice from my front door.I'm loving my lenses.
People started appearing around 6:30, before that the silence and light were pretty nice.
Even with folks trudging along to work it was quiet.
Is it the fog that deadens sound or do people walk and talk more softly?
I think it makes me a bit calmer.
You hunch your shoulders, breath out and see how your breath pushes the moisture around and marvel at the peace of the cold and the sense of how seeing the physical manifestation of breathing makes you notice it.
Either way it's all good in a fuzzy sort of way.
I'm sure you know the feeling.
Amazing what's going on right on your doorstep.
I spend my life travelling around the world and I'm lucky enough to have seen some pretty interesting things.
Drinking coffee, smoking a ciggie and watching the light defuse into the fog as the sun came up this morning has to rank right up there as one of the buzziest of the past couple of years.
All within 60 seconds from my bedroom.
All hail simple things and how nice they are when you notice them!
I really need to look around and pay attention to what's under my nose.

Stay well.



sarah_500 said...

Managed to switch to manual on that toy of yours? Whether you have or not am loving those pics.

No comment on breathing out on a freezing day and the similar effects when exhaling that ciggie smoke!

Anonymous said...

My kind of morning, having a dog makes you see more off those old England Winters, you have caught it brilliantly, penny x