Thursday, February 14, 2008


From Ankara.
No pictures...cause its dark and I'm bloody tired and working across 4 time zones cause the b-berry doesn't know what time it is.
Its cold and wet and Turkey!
Nice people.
Good food.
Jess may 31st in Ireland!!!!!
I fly to Dubai again tomorrow...
then thought it was Saturday,
then Sunday...
now it seems to be Monday back in the UK.
It is,
what it is.
Go Obamma!!!
PS... Happy Valentines Day.
Big kiss
Oh ya...piss off BM


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines ! Terry funny sort off a day , can be very good for some and other bloody misserable , not sure what mine was !! penny x oh someones got up your nose :) blow them in a tissue and put them in the bin :)

Anonymous said...

oh goodness u have gone and confused me whats the new digits ?? i know computor thick :) penny

Anonymous said...

I like this free verse sort of blog entry