Thursday, March 06, 2008

Back from Frankfurt and Milan

Not much to say about Frankfurt other than it was bright and cold and full of wanker bankers. I talked to my daughter on her 8th birthday upon arrival at the airport.
Talking to a little girl by cell in the middle of the airport felt a bit sad.
I soon realised that I was attracting attention from the severe Teutonic whirl wind racing off to Hanover and Berlin.
For all their reserve, I caught , out of the corner of my eye, a number of Boss clad straight backed travellers listening in and smiling sympathetically.
It embarrassed me a bit I'm ashamed to say and I caught myself toning down the gushy chatter down the phone to my kid.
One day life will change and I'll get invited to her birthday.
Milan was seeing its first hint of spring.
I'd love to go to Washington or Tokyo when the serious cherry trees kick into gear. Sadly I've never been in either place except in the sweltering summer or grey dull winter.
Not much of a post today.
Just a marking of time.

Only in Milan do you see a sign like this at the airport.
This was a quick trip.
Two cities in three days.
I had a truly stupendous dinner in Milan last night.
Plate after plate of dried meats and various cheeses as well as a strange pasta-risotto combo.
Each course was accompanied with a different wine and long detailed explanations of what I was about to eat and drink.
In one ear and out the other.
The fact that we were the only non Italians in the place gave a "non tourist trap" vibe.
They did lay it on BIT THICK for the pale white guy though.
Ahh well
A good time was had.
I'm just back and given I'm home before midnight, all in all its been a good result.
I have no idea where I'll be next week. It could be Rio or the UK.
Tomorrow I find out the results of all that bloodletting earlier in the week.
I also pick up my will.
The two are unrelated, so chill!
Love to all

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