Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Friday RIO style

My last few hours in Rio were spent where else?
Ipanema Beach.
Good Friday was a national holiday and folks in Rio stampede to the beach when they have the day off.
It was packed.
There was as usual lots to seeAs usual there was a lot of flesh on display.
I don't think Brazilians are too concerned about skin cancer or premature aging.
Tattoos are another thing that seem to be on display in abundance.
As you can see , it seemed like half the city was at the beach.
TV shows were being filmed.
People were playing soccer volleyball, sleeping, hanging out.
I was sweating and clicking away.
It was a completely different scene from the stormy day of my last visit.

That's it for today.
I spent Easter Sunday at High gate cemetery and visited Karl Marx's final resting place.
It's a a spooky place that graveyard.
Pics to come. I hope you had a nice Easter.

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Anonymous said...

Well i was certainly not showing that amount of flesh this Easter :) what with out inch of snow lol but some lovely pics ,wish i was there :) penny x