Thursday, April 24, 2008


Apart from the girls at the fountain on the previous post, this is my fave pic for the week.
The ones below are as follows:
Me leaning,
Me pensive,
Me happy,

What follows is a collection of people in Iran.
I have so many cool pics that I need to break them up into little themes.
You good with that?
Too bad, I'm doing it anyway.
Iran is alien in many different ways.
So much is unfamiliar and much of what I saw tended to reinforce that.
More interesting though was the sense that many things were, under the surface recognisable.
Look beyond the outward "stuff" and the little dramas in some of these pics are pretty familiar.
Hope and tenderness and a soft flicker of the eyes.
It all has a sense of " I get that but not with these costumes" sort of feeling.
You know what I mean. It all looks strange, but you see things that somehow let you into whats going on.
We're not as different as we think.

I felt a stark harshness sometimes though.
"All is not well here."
This father, brother, son, felt at times a profound sadness. Sometimes the smell of sadness and weary pathos was strong enough that I was sure not to acknowledge it would be akin to ignoring Rome burning as you fiddle.
Its easy to ignore stuff if you know your time there is finite. Draw your own conclusions.

That's it for tonight.
I have a TON more pics which you'll see as and when.
I hope all is well wherever you are.


sister sara said...

Great photos Ter.You may work hard for your bucks but you get a huge view of the world that few people get the opportunity to see Love ya Sara xo safe travel

kcbomber23 said...

I think there might be a little bit of an empath in you --- you did a great job of catching some of those emotions. Can't wait to see the other posts. Hope you had a safe trip home.