Wednesday, April 02, 2008


From the wind and cold of Toronto to the 85 degrees of Scottsdale.
And still no pictures.
I've been slammed with work and tired from passing through the 4 different time zones of the past 5 days.
From what I can see of things there won't be many photo- opps over the next couple of days.
Its dry and brown and hot.
I'm in a resort but will spend my time inside meeting rooms whilst the good ladies of leisure turn their skin a fine leathery brown around the pool outside.
There could be worse fates.
Check back now and again though I don't anticipate any pics until Dubai and Oman.
I'll be in NYC over the weekend (actually I'll be there about 30 hours....)
As you can see there's nothing much of interest in this post.
I've had a few emails concerning the link I put up a couple of posts back.
Jeeze girls!
I wasn't commenting on any of's just a bizarre site which I thought worth a look and a laugh.
Some people are clearly overly sensitive.
Chill .
Love to all


sister sara said...

Ya well its damn well about time men had any inkling of realisation that woman are sensitive - you men just don't get - I looked at the site and thought hey how foolish has the world become - advertising and men's idealism has a lot to answer for. I'm pissed you have no pics of TO -travel safe ter - even though you are crap at keeping in touch I still love ya - no choice - only one bro - so love the devil you know !!!!!!Does anyone apart from you read comments ???

Anonymous said...

Good one Sara! Too bad we didn't hook up. You could have posted a picture of me for your sister.

Anyhow. Enjoy the climate changes on your travels and keep in touch about you know what.