Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A "Terry Travel Tip" and Dinner in Dubai

I couple of months back I was horribly hung over in an airport in Moscow and commiserating with a couple of Brits over the fact that our flight had been cancelled and we faced a night at a crappy Soviet era airport. That night turned out to be an adventure.
Read about it here.
The connection to the pic above is that one of the guys, a travel veteran himself gave me a Berocca tablet.
In about 15 minutes I felt immeasurably better (no kidding).
Since then its always part of my travel kit and I take it every morning when I get up.
Its a big dose of vitamins C and the various B's.
It perks you up but doesn't have caffeine or stimulants.
In Australia it's marketed as a hangover cure and it DOES help with that, but I use it as an everyday supplement.
The only problem is it turns your pee a scary phosphorescent greeny-yellow.
I'm not normally fussed about the aesthetics of my urine, but the colour can be an important sign of dehydration and is something to check when you're travelling in hot countries. The darker it is, the more water you need to drink.
Berocca isn't available in the US or Canada for some reason. When I went looking for it, I found a variety of similar products but they all had mega doses of caffeine.
So that's my tip for today.
Read more about it here

The humble, dependable club sandwich.
This is how they do them in the Rotanna Towers in Dubai.
Complete with "Turkey" Bacon.
I've become the world's foremost expert on club sandwiches.
I've eaten them in just about any country you care to name in countless forgotten hotel rooms.
I've found being adventurous with room service menus usually ends in tears, so the humble club sandwich tends to be my comfort food of choice.
If I'm feeling really daring, I'll risk the wacky addition of a bowl of soup.
After 9 hours of sleep I'm feeling quite human though my body clock had me up at 5 am.
I know this is a "nothing" post but I'm taking a break from the spreadsheets, while I wait a couple of hours to go and have a $40 breakfast.
Forget the stock market.
The racket to be in is hotel brekkie.
Ramble over.


Anonymous said...

Terry - Can I get some Berocca from you when I am in the UK? Not sure if I should be worried that it cannot be found in Canada!


kublakhan said...

I love club sandwiches in foreign hotels. Maybe because they are just as you've described...a life saver of sorts. I've had good ones in every country in Africa I've been too. However...I have also found that many places also do a passable and satisfying pasta carbonara.

sarah_500 said...

Just watched quite an amusing ad for your miracle tabs.