Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yesterday In Tehran part2

As I said in yesterday's post I took a wrong turn on the way to the old US embassy and ended up at Tehran University.
We could hear the crowd long before we arrived as there were loudspeakers rigged up all along the blocked off street. The sermon sounded angry and exhortations were answered by roars from the crowd.
I say sounded angry because given I have no understanding of Farsi, any yelling in the language sounds pissed off to me.
That just may be the way they do it here.
Every Friday thousands of people head to the university which served as the center of student unrest leading to the revolution in 1979. Imams preach and the faithful pray. So many turn up that the crowds spill out of the university grounds and into the surrounding streets
There are a lot of pictures of people praying coming up because I took a lot of such pictures. I was fascinated by the sight of men and women praying ( separately) in the street.
If you find them tedious, too bad, its my blog.

As we approached the crowd we came across a protest of sorts, decreeing the recent film produced by a right wing Dutch politician defaming Islam. No TV station in Europe has agreed to broadcast it, so he released it on the web. Though serious the protest had none of the venomous hatred such things seem to project on the evening news. A quiet young guy came over to us and explained what it was all about. He seemed more interested in practising his English and hearing about Canada than anything else.

"What do you think about Iran?"

"It's nice. Is it OK to take pictures of the people praying?"

"Sure, why not? Did you play ice hockey in Canada?"

Blogger doesn't seem to like the connection so I'll sign off now. Stay well and check back later.

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Anonymous said...

Boycott dutch products! I do not agree with that.

Terry said...

ahh well don't worry too much. There's not many "coffeeshops", tulip vendors or girls behind windows, so you're unlikely to feel too much of an economic pinch......