Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back in the UK, but a pic from a while ago

I finally found a folder of pics I took in NYC about a year ago. The one above of the Brooklyn Bridge is one of my faves so in celebration of it not being lost, I posted it.
The past 10 days have been busy. I realise that apart from posting a couple from Berlin I've been a little lax lately and some of you have rather pointedly reminded me of as much via email.
I'm really happy that many of you tune in every day with your morning coffee, but please remember that this is just a hobby.
I have a day job and it keeps me pretty busy.
I try and post as and when I have time.
It also helps if something interesting happens though looking back at some of my entries they appear at times to be jet lagged ramblings rather than any sort of informed comment.
Cue protestations from you guys to give me reassurance.
The week ahead is in the UK, with a visit from my old pal Dave from Canada at the weekend.
The week after I'm in Paris.
Its Sunday evening and I'm tired.
I went to London today to visit my kid, and though it was the usual pizza and hanging out, it felt like a tonic despite the 4 hour round trip. Sundays often get me a bit down in the dumps and this one isn't any different though the week ahead will soon fill my head with the the minutia of day to day work stuff and the funk will lift.
The treadmill continues.
Have a great week !


Anonymous said...

Oh but those jet lagged ramblings are sometimes the best entries ;-)


I said...

Yes, indeed.