Monday, June 16, 2008

Britain raises threat alert for UAE

DUBAI (Reuters) - Britain has warned its nationals travelling to the United Arab Emirates of a "high threat from terrorism", raising its alert for the Gulf Arab trade hub that is home to large community of British expatriates.
The British Embassy in Dubai declined to specify what had prompted the change, saying that threat alerts were continually being reviewed based on a variety of information. The previous level referred to a "general threat from terrorism".
"It has gone up a level to high... but most threat levels go up and down," Simon Goldsmith, spokesman for the British Embassy in Dubai, told Reuters. "We are not advising British nationals to change their travel plans. This is not what we are saying."
Several Gulf countries have faced attacks from Islamist militants but there has been no major attack or political unrest in the UAE, a federation of seven emirates that includes the Gulf's top tourism destination, Dubai.
"We believe terrorists may be planning to carry out attacks in the UAE," the British foreign office website ( wrote.
"Attacks could be indiscriminate and could happen at any time, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers such as residential compounds, military, oil, transport and aviation interests."
(Reporting by Lin Noueihed; Editing by Stephen Weeks)
This is not good news


Anonymous said...

How Strange Terry that you are off to India , when this weekend i have had my 87yr old dad stay, and like your self making beautiful memorys, getting back to India, we all knew my Father lived out in Bengual , from 6wks to he was 6 ,but we knew little of his fathers past , devorced parents, we found out this weekend that my Gt GT grandfather was married to an Indian Princess...:) ZUHUR-UL-NIESSA My fathers name is Hearsey the princeses father wa The Great AKBAR EMPEROR OF THE MUGHAL EMPIRE ... well 3oclock in the morning and we where still shouting :) dad not looking to pleased very British , BUT NOW I CAN UNDERSTAND WHY I AM SO SO DARK . :) and how my dads mother and farther had so much land and a wonderfull life style, oh and being a Generel so much fell into place in one evening and like your self my dad and i are closer than ever for the short time we have on this plannet . The only thing is i will never see where he had his childhood ,The Emperor Akbar was in Cambar, So if you ever go to Cambar in Bengal please please take some photos :) penny

kublakhan said...

That IS worrying...I hope you and your company have a protocol for when it's time to jump ship.