Sunday, July 06, 2008


Now that was a tennis match.
Its the only time of year I watch tennis, and this year I only got back in time to watch the last half.
I hope you got a chance to catch it.


Anonymous said...

Caught the last half on replay: outstanding.

Chanced upon an interesting quotation last night:
"Travel writing is, after autobiography, the most egocentric form of literature." (Tim Mackintosh-Smith in "Travels with a Tangerine").

Not sure that I agree with that.

Hope this week isn't too horrible.


Terry said...

I think travel writing is pretty egocentric. Its all about putting across "your" take on things afterall.
"I" saw this and "I" saw that and this is what "I" think of it.
Reading travel writing is at the same time a bit voyeuristic in a harmless sort of way.
The ego plays a part in both participant and spectator, but then again I think you could apply that to pretty much anything.
Preaching and judging regardless of which side of the fence you find yourself on is probably best avoided though factual accounts without any sort of slant is the stuff of robotic "gotta see this and that" box ticking.

Anonymous said...

My favourite travel conversation was with someone who said (in a very strong German accent): "You must see zis, but it eez not interesting...".

And with that, I shall lower the lifeboat and paddle to the epicentre of my perfect egostorm.


Anonymous said...

Just realised that last comment may sound negative, wasn't meant to be.


Anonymous said...

Why does that awful music suddenly blast out when one is checking your blog?

It's really irritating and several times - when i can't find the quick button to kill it - i just get out of Terry's thoughts and travels altogether. So not a good marketing tool.

Rant over. Lovely photos and your daughter looks so sweet and lovely. Glad she is bringing you happiness and you are teaching her lessons about being nice to people she may not like.

I hope you also remind her that princesses sometimes wear glasses, have hairy legs, short curly hair and acne.

Tonyatology said...

Hi Terry,
We met a couple times in london. A coffee shop, a hotel, your house. Now I can hold you responsible for having my life taken over by facebook. LOL