Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to Hong Kong

I never get tired of the view of HK Island from the water. The best way to take in the view is by Star Ferry from Central or Wan Chai to Kowloon.
It costs HK$2.50 .
That's about 33 cents in American peso, and I promise it would be worth it at 50 times the price.
Of all the places I've ever visited, its the best deal bar none. I always set aside the 20 mins or so it takes for a return trip. At night its spectacular especially now as the skyline is lit up with a laser show every half hour or so.
One of the big changes over the years is that the harbour is getting smaller. Land is at such a premium in the city that its expanding ever outward and being reclaimed from the water.The coast used to be yards from the white building in the forefront of this picture.Is it me or is the poster below a bit militaristic for Kentucky Fried Chicken?
I'm absolutely shattered and have two more days to go in HK then its on to Dubai. The humidity and heat during the day really saps your strength, though the evenings are comparatively cool.
That's it for today.T

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