Sunday, August 10, 2008

Quebec City

I'm in Quebec City for the week and the city is celebrating its 400th anniversary. Its the oldest city in Canada and only one in North America which sits within its original walled fortifications. I was up fairly early on Sunday and found the place to be pretty chocolate box perfect.Looking down from the Citadel you see the Plains of Abraham. General Wolf commander of the British Forces kicked General Montcalm the French General's ass here in 1759. The Brits have ruled North America from that point on.
The Citadel sits on the bluffs overlooking the St Lawrence River and is still home to the Canadian Military. The 22nd Regiment The "Vandoos" ( so named because English Canada can't seem to pronounce vingt- deux) call it home and were the first French Canadian Regiment in the Canadian Forces. They were outfitted in Bearskin hats and red tunics during my visit as one of their duties is be the ceremonial guard for the Governor General whilst she is in residence (and she was) at the Citadel. They're not just toy soldiers though.
Many have just returned from Afghanistan.
Another group leave in October. I stayed at the Chateau Frontenac pictured below. Its the iconic building in Quebec City, but if you don't have a room with a view ( I didn't) its much like any old hotel. The icing is great but the cake is stale (read worn out rooms and bad plumbing).
There's a ton going on in Quebec this summer so if you get a chance, shoot over for a weekend.
I'm in Montreal for a couple of days then taking holidays for a few days to see my folks in Ottawa.
Then on to Hong Kong.
Then Dubai.
Finally back to the UK in early September.Stay well


Anonymous said...

Wow, I was rather naive to assume that Canada is a continuation of the US, in a way, culturally, in terms of style & architecture. These pictures dispel the heavy cloud of ignorence!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Hanzel and Gretel might have lived there :) ginger bread houses , but amazing not how i imagined Canada to be :) hope you have a good time with your folks :) Oh and i have an Interview at Addenbrooks Hospital ,i bet your glad your leaving Cambridge LOL penny :) x