Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cows on Midsummer Common

I got back from a weekend with Jess and as I'd been at London Zoo today was a bit taken with the return of cows to Midsummer Common (the green space directly in front of my house).
They'd vanished for a while as a result of the foot and mouth disease stuff but are back now. Apparently Midsummer Common is, under English law "Common land" in the "old" sense.
This means that anyone can graze their cattle there. One of the colleges at the university exercises this right. I think I've talked in the past of the disadvantages of cows in your front yard. (A sideways swooshing slide late at night with a belly full of Guinness.)That's it for today as I've not got much more to say.
Except I wish I'd brought the camera to the zoo today as it was AWESOME!Love to all
Stay happy,healthy and smart whatever your state of mind....that's important.


Anonymous said...

Funny piture :) the cows ,but you can not beat Colchester zoo !! far bettr than London Zoo !! has one of the best breeding programs in captivrty :) penny x

Lennie said...

Ha-ha. Once in HK you might find you kind of miss them...

Anonymous said...

Shall we catch one and cook it?