Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hong Kong again

I've smelled and tasted victory in the quest for a flat!
Yes its expensive.
Yes its tiny.
Its in a convenient area and given its owned by an Australian woman, the furniture and layout are reasonable rather than the "pack as many "bedrooms" into 6oo Sq feet as possible so favoured by Chinese landlords.
It'll do I guess.
The weather is becoming more bearable as the humidity seems to be dropping off.
I'm here all week then going to Seoul and Taipei.That's it for today as I have little to say.


Anonymous said...

Well that's a relief.

Meanwhile, we've had this:
TAXPAYERS in Britain face up to 5p in the pound in extra taxes because of the credit crunch created by the banks, leading economists have warned.


Anonymous said...

Miss you already :) LOL penny xx

Anonymous said...

I like the way we are able to maintain at least a 6 hour time difference between us. I finally made it to Goma DRC. I had a beautiful 3 hour drive from Rwanda to DRC. I've had a nice meal of grilled tilapia and chips and I think I'll hit the sack soon.
I'm glad you found your apt. What do you need with more than 600 sq ft anyway?

- Tatia

Anonymous said...

Good to see that you are safe and sound. Hope I can make it out there to see you. Maybe next spring.

Take it easy bud!