Monday, December 29, 2008

Ankor Wat, Cambodia

Ankor Wat at dawn this morning.
I always wanted to duplicate the iconic picture of Ankor Wat at dawn, but the drizzle at 4:30 am when I had to get up didn't bode well.
Never the less I made the trek out to the temple and managed to squeeze off a few shots. When I arrived it was pitch black and after stumbling around trying to find the "perfect" spot I ended up at approximately the right place.
Dawn took a long time and the overcast skies didn't help. Rather than the hoped for dramatic burst of sunshine cutting through the haze, it was more of a dull glow in the sky as I got slowly wetter and wetter.
I took 30 or so shots most of which are unusable.
My smokers lungs and shaky hands at 6 am don't add up to a rock- steady camera.
I had to hold my breath to accommodate the slow shutter speed and low light and the results are predictable.
I really need to invest in a tripod.
The final usable pictures are OK though not National Geographic material, but hey....Its Ankor Wat at dawn right?
Lest you think I was some lone adventurer struggling through the jungle to reach an iconic temple, to commune with the silence, beauty and spiritual vibe, I fear it necessary to correct such a foolish romantic notion.
My Internet connection is terribly slow so the post is short. I'll try and find a better connection in town and put up some of the 100's of pics I've taken. Everywhere you look there are pictures waiting to be taken. Its going to take me some time to wade through the volume of snaps on the hard drive, but I think there are some gems.There's a ton of interesting tidbits I want to share but as I said my connection is slow and keeps cutting out so they will have to wait. I hope everyone is enjoying some down time over the holidays.
Stay tuned.
Love T


Anonymous said...

Dear me, three postings for Asian countries and nary a comment. Could you not have taken a closer shot of the grand (g)old place of the Khmer? Still, looks rather vast.

Terry said...

Believe me there are TONS of pictures of almost every square inch. I'll get to them when I have a faster connection.
As for the lack of comments, well, despite a couple of faithful folks who NEVER fail to put in their two cents worth, people only seem to comment when I talk about the weather or Taxi drivers....

Anonymous said...

What can one say, other than: "you lucky sod!"; wish I was pootling round Asia...

Look forward to the rest of the pics.


Anonymous said...

Or hockey (of the ice variety)!