Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What's odd about this picture?

I was looking over the last post regarding the tennis and was struck by something in this picture. Something not what it seems or just a fan's obsessive attention to detail?
Its a French fan supporting a French player right?
How many people covering themselves in body paint depicting their player's (and their own presumably) national flag would think to include the corporate sponsor of the event?
KIA is not (to my mind at least) an integral part of Grand Slam tennis. In fact this is the Korean car makers first year sponsoring the Australian Open.
KIA , you ARE clever little car makers.......
Knowing that someone dressed up like the guy above is likely to get some camera time, did the company "sponsor" this fan?
Is the guy even French or an out of work Aussie actor?
The seats were pretty premium.
Or is this just a coincidence and the guy thought the corporate label belonged on his chest?
Not important I know a fun thing to ponder.
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Anonymous said...

So cynical. Perhaps he (Mark Bremond, France) was just aiming to be KIA fan of the day (bottom right):



Mark said...

nice little article and nice picture.
I am the guy on the picture.
So first to answer some questions on the picture, I am french.
Concerning the seat, I didn't have any ticket but someone inside gave me his and i took a random seat.
Concerning the paint, i decided to get painted because i was by my own and new in Australia and it was a good way to meet people and to have some fun. A other reason is that I told my brother in France, "look the tennis, you will see me, I don't know how but you will!"

Concerning KIA, they asked me if I wanted to participate to the "Fan of the day" contest to win an I-pod and i said yes that's why I have it.

It was a great event and I'll be there next Jan!!
Take care