Monday, March 02, 2009

Last pics from London and a FREEZING Toronto

Just a couple of pictures taken with a B-Berry phone from my last day in London.
The point of the pictures is not to address the plight of Tamils in SriLanka ( I know its an appalling humanitarian crisis) but as a comment on our times.
Protests are never in short supply and continue regardless of the global economic climate.
What has changed I suspect, is a new source of signs as the property crash dries up the need for estate agents.I'm in Toronto and ITS F*cking FREEZING.
Jet lagged as I am I was up at 5 am and walked to a local greasy spoon for breakfast ( the great thing about Toronto is these places open at 4).
I almost froze my precious dangly bits off.
I'd forgotten the might of the cold Canadian winter wind.
It was -20 with the wind chill this morning. The news says its going to "warm" up to -10 today.
I'm in Canada for the next week or so and will be in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa for the day.
I'll post as and when.
Stay well
PS comments have been temporarily suspended as I have been deluged with spam.

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