Monday, August 24, 2009


I don't often take pictures out of the plane window, but as I was doing my jet lagged stare in the middle of a 12 hour Hong Kong to London flight last Friday, I figured the dawn warranted a couple of snaps. I'm always quite taken with the way the light changes during the break of dawn at 38,000 feet.
If you're sitting on the right side of the aircraft,the approach into Heathrow gives a pretty decent birds eye view of many of the capital's attractions . I've witnessed it countless times but Friday morning was blessed with an uncommonly clear sky so I clicked away.
As planned I spent the weekend with my kid goofing around and having a laugh.
Not much more to say other than its hard to remember a better Saturday and Sunday.
I'm in Milan at the moment and though I haven't had much free time, I'll try and steal a couple of hours tomorrow to see a bit of the city and maybe get a picture of the famous cathedral here.Stay well
Love to all

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Simon said...

Top one is very nice. At the rate we're abusing the planet, I suspect dawn will look like that from below in a few years ! Sensational shot with great mood nonetheless.