Friday, September 11, 2009

Walking across a bridge 42 stories up at the Petronas Twin Towers

I had a pretty buzzy day yesterday.
I had an appointment with Malaysia's national oil company, Petronas and finally got to go up one of the towers. We were given a "VIP" tour and as such went across the bridge linking the two structures (42 stories up!). Tourists can get tickets free of charge but need to queue up as early as 7 am to get one of the 400 released every day. The bridge is a double-decker with tourists on the lower level and VIPs like moi strolling in luxury up top.
First a quick few facts :
  • 88 stories
  • 452 meters tall
  • The sky bridge connects the towers from the 41st and 42nd floors, is 58.4 meters long and 170 meters above street level.
  • 29 double-decker high speed elevators in each tower travel 8.5 meters per second. Ok thats "only" 5.795mph but sounds faster in FT per second! (It feels fast anyway.).
  • 77,000 square meters of glass
  • 180,000 cubic meters of concrete
  • 39,910 tons of steel
  • Each tower weighs 300,000 tons
  • 399,750 square meters of space

All pretty impressive.

The Towers are one of my favorite buildings in the world. When they officially opened in 1989 they stood as the undisputed, tallest buildings in the world. That crown now rests with Taipei 101, but they're still the tallest "Twin Towers".
Though beautiful during the day, they really come into their own at night. I got some awesome shots on an earlier trip and you can see them here .
I was with a couple of colleagues on this visit one of whom pointed out that we'd made the trip to the Petronas Twin Towers on 911.
That's it from KL.
I head for Singapore today where I'll be all week.
Stay well .

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