Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rainy Brazil, Jess and London

No its not Brazil, but Dubai.
As sick I was some two weeks ago, I should have taken a moment (between retching) to savour the sun from my hotel window.
It was pretty much the last time I would see it.
I'm back in Rio after a mad dash to three cities in 4 days in Brazil.
Its the end of my financial year work wise and there's been little time to catch my breath let alone take pictures and post them.
I was in London last week and spent some time with my daughter. On one Saturday we got caught in traffic whilst taking her home and I was hopelessly late for the train at Waterloo. The culprit was a "Climate Change" demo at Westminster though as happens with these things all manner of groups hitched their wagon to the media event. At first nervous of the shouting and chanting , my kid soon loosened up and enjoyed staring at the crusties and grandmothers marching shoulder to shoulder in the rain.
I was staying for part of my time in Kensington. There's a lovely old Church there and we wandered around post outfit/boots/scarf shopping on the high street.
My kid is really growing up.
I'm really missing some of the best stuff in my litte girl's life.
She told me a story of her step father standing outside with her gazing up at the night sky explaining about the Big Dipper and Orion's belt and said it was the nicest thing she'd done in a while and it had become "their thing".
I've been somewhat bludgeoned by melancholy since.
Being a weekend/once a month Dad feels crap.
I'm thankful for the time I get but the really really important stuff is passing me by.
Shopping and reading together is all well and good but staring at the night sky is something my little girl will remember long after the credit card bills have been paid .
That's it for today.
With luck I'll carve out some time over my last two days here and get some decent pics to post.
I've already done all the obvious ones and will probably do them again though I'll try and get some that are different from the usual.
It all depends on the weather I guess.
Love to all
Stay well


Anonymous said...

It is what it is?

Terry said...

that about sums it up

Anonymous said...

well, i see you'll need some fluffing up when you pass this way! and i am glad to provide it. that gift i been meaning to mail to you will be on hand as well as my extreme charm -- more importantly, there will be alcohol!
by the way, i'm reading this on the plane on my way to LA - ain't technology grand!

Anonymous said...

Pecker up.

Anonymous said...

Terry, are you suing this blog as therapeutically? just let us know and we help you...