Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Greetings from Florida

Greetings from Florida.
I arrived at 4 yesterday afternoon then after a 2 hour drive ended up in Anna Maria Island, a little slice of paradise where my parents spend their winters. The strip malls and condo developments are banished off the island but pounce on you as you travel in an out.
What that means is you don't have to look at a countless procession of Dennys or Outback Steakhouses, but they're 20 minutes away should you feel the urge to eat crap....we all get that urge from time to time.
I'm flying to Michigan this evening.
That may seem odd, but the ticket to FLA was originally booked when my schedule was different and as things eternally change in my itinerary, I should have known better.
30 hours+ travel and a 13 hour time difference meant I was tucked up in bed at 8:30 last night.
I was up at 5, showered dressed and wondering what to do with myself by 5:30.
Whenever I find myself at a jet lagged loose end I go out and take pictures so that's what I did.
Its freezing here and at 5:45 the mercury was hovering around -5 Celsius.
Dawn in the cold always feels more satisfying to photograph.
Your hands are icy cold and you snap away under a "hardship breeds art" delusion.
I think the results of this morning are pretty cool anyway .
That's all for now
I'm in the US for the next 10 days or so and will post more as and when.
Love to all


Kjell Tjensvoll said...

-5C at Anna Maria - wow! The last time I was there it was more like +35. It's a beautiful place Terry, too bad you don't have time to enjoy it a bit longer.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Great light at that time of day


Helen said...

Great pictures. We enjoyed the "all too short"visit . Travel safely . Helter

Anonymous said...

Florida coast looks fabulous.

I shall think of you as Terry Skelter henceforth. Apt, no?

Safe travels.

kserp said...

Who's taking all the pics of you T? Enjoy your time in the U.S. (I miss that place). I just watched a movie called Manda Bala "Send the Bullet" - about all the corruption in San Paulo - and there was a Frog Farmer that had a striking resemblance to you. Check it out sometime...Anyway interesting, all the industries that flourish in a corrupt environment (like companies that make bullet proof cars, or plastic surgeons who sew back peoples ears who have been kidnapped) really, who's taking those pics of you with all the contrived smiles - :-)
Take care,

Terry said...

You mean you don't like my game show host smiles?
I've been practicing them for so long.........
As for the photographer...various people I'm afraid.
My Mum tends to feature and takes so long to click that the grin begins to wilt