Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Been Busy

"Sempre e nunca sao duas palavras que voce deve sempre se lembrar de nunca utilizar"
I've been really busy and haven't had much time to post.
All this HD TV buying and the odd excursion to the driving range has really left little time for anything else.
I'm adjusting to 8 am meetings.
I'm coming to terms with evenings devoid of conference calls.
The din of silence on a tree lined street while sitting on the porch drinking tea was tough at first but I'm managing to adjust.
Back to back episodes of the office on HD on Demand is helping me ease into this" go get em" American culture.
Actually its been budgets, meetings and more meetings.
Thursday night I fly to Brazil, so I'm sure there will be something of interest to look at over the weekend.
Stay well everyone
"As vezes a estrada menos movimentada esta assim por alguma razao"

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Anonymous said...

Very philosophical comments in Portuguese.

No-one here is travelling. We have a total outwards travel ban and about 20 UK folk stranded in the US. Two brave souls are in transit back from the US, after landing at Rome they are hacking back by car via Switzerland and France - today's report to basecamp had them approaching Calais.

Damned Icelandic volcano.

Um homem viaja pelo mundo em busca do que ele precisa e volta a casa para encontrĂ¡-lo.

Take care