Monday, May 10, 2010


0-60mph in 3.9 seconds.
V8, 556 Horse Power
Ridiculous on board technology and gadgets.
Does it annoy the Greens and Birkenstock shod cyclist brigade?
That would be a yes and alone is worth the price of admission.
I can hear the teeth grinding in internet land at that little jibe.
Lighten up folks!
Its also great fun to drive.
The Cadillac CTS V is one of the more enjoyable manifestations of a midlife crisis.
Best of all, this 19 mpg ride is MINE!
Stay well.


Kevin Serpanchy said...

The new T Bone Express looks pretty sweet...look at you, rolling around the Motor City in your bright shiny new Caddy. By god, you've made it! :-)

Going for a personalized license plate perhaps?

Not too many Caddy's in the land of Oz...except a random spotting of an old classic Caddy driven by a Bocaraton-ish looking Americano.

Nice wheels T!

Anonymous said...

Preferred the greenish metallic *customised* Audi. ;)


Anonymous said...

When are you driving it up to Toronto? Can't wait to take it for a spin myself.


Anonymous said...

ok...I is very pretty.
- ta/ssshhhhaa