Monday, July 19, 2010

Me and Elvis at Venice Beach

My day started at 5 am in Michigan and ended in West Hollywood by way of Venice Beach.
I hung out with my friend Manya who I haven't seen in ages, and we saw some interesting wildlife down by the beach.
Elvis will have to do as an example for now as I can't keep my eyes open.
I'm in California until Friday.
I'll post more as and when.
Love to all


RS said...

Why is it that Elvis impersonators all seem to model themselves on the fat Elvis from his Vegas days, and not the trim, black leather-clad Elvis of his heyday?

Anonymous said...

Suspect that for your average Elvis impersonator it is easier to cheeseburger-up to Vegas rhinestone Elvis proportions, than to amphetamine down to leather-clad version?


RS said...

Ha Ha Ha! Very true!

Anonymous said...

This might take the cake, or cheeseburger - several of them