Saturday, October 23, 2010


In the early 1960's Bridgit Bardot "discovered" Buzios with her then Brazilian boyfriend and it became a mini St Tropez in South America. The people of the town were grateful for the attention and subsequent high end development and as a result erected a statue in her honour. As you can see its become a favorite spot for tourist pictures.
The statue is rubbed to a polish as people sit on her knees for a picture and give her a kiss!
Ahhh Buzios......

I spent the day walking around the town instead of going to the beach. In the little harbour the fishermen were drawing in their nets and the local birds were taking a seat at the table.
Cops in Brazil are a rather serious lot. These two let me take their picture but clearly were taking no chances.
Surely a sweaty fish-belly white middle aged man can't represent that much of a threat ?
It was overcast most of the day and the light was flat and gray. I did my best to get some pics but was reduced to typical "aren't all these boats in the harbour quaint?" shots.
I'll spare you endless variations on the "blue boat beside green boat beside red boat" theme.
Choppy waves and grey sky, I'm at the other end of the world, introspection overload.
No, we're not going to do that today.
There's a "gastro" festival in town.
This means you wander from restaurant to restaurant and they serve up little samples of specialties and high quality booze and wine at a rather affordable 10 reals a pop.
I'll bring my camera and try out the flash.
Stay well everyone.


RS said...

Nice close-up on the female cop! Cheeky!

Anonymous said...

@RS: Eeow, classy comment.


Anyways, looks fabulous, hope you got some downtime and that something nice happened along the way.

Take care


Terry said...

The close up was supposed to be their hands on their guns!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree... It's very unclear that you were focusing on "hands on guns".:) buzios looks fantastic! have you ever been to Jericoacoara? i'm off to Islamabad via Dubai next Tues.
- T

LadyHutch13 said...

Love the last photo! Since Leo died the end of Titanic, that leaves you to be "King of the World."

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Hostels and Hotels said...

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