Monday, February 28, 2011

The joy of domestic appliances

Sometimes we act in a way that betrays some hidden desire, subliminal motivation if you will.
I hate vacuuming.
Actually I love it.
I love watching cobwebs and dust mites vanishing up the tube to oblivion. I've often toyed with Vacuum cleaners, coveting the Rolls Royce but always settling for the high(ish) end devices at Wall mart.
I went the Prius wagon route but wanted a Ferrari.
I took good care of my Toyota.
Just before I went to San Francisco, I dutifully took the cleaner to the back steps, washed the filter, and watched the dust being blown away by the wind.
Off I went to San Fran, secure in the knowledge I'd fulfilled the laws laid down by the warrenty gods.
They were not appeased however.
Upon my return I was confronted with this:

Frozen, electrics soaked and unsafe.

Not at all.

Gone is the purgetory of low end suckers.

The time had come to give in to base desires.

No point in going low rent anymore.

I give you.............

THE PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The joy of laying out 400 smackers for the basic model (I may be obsessive but not crazy enough to venture into the $600 territory), was similar to hitting my first shot of whisky.

True guilty pleasure.

Problem is, this feels like the final nail in my middle aged coffin.


I've finally lost it it seems.

Never mind.

NYC tomorrow, UK Thursday and Spain next week.

Stay well everyone.



Lucia Falc√£o said...


RS said...

Hubba hubba!
What curves! What lines!
You are surely the envy of domestic gods everywhere.
Maybe one day, I too can afford a Dyson!

LadyHutch13 said...

Welcome to my world! I took the Dyson plunge last Fall...although the ball/animal version. Somehow though, when they touted it as "animal" I don't think they had the owner of a Great Pyr in mind....probably more like little cats and yippy dogs. Love the cyclonic action. Makes me cringe every time I empty it at the amount of filth. The price you pay for living on a dirt (or as some say, a natural beauty) road)!

Anonymous said...

Ignore any envious rantings of plebeians that may come your way, young Terence! You made a life-changing move here! The Rolls Royce route is the only way to go! You forgot to mention that your Dyson has a remote control to enable you to guide it from your TV station - it does have remote, doesn't it? Get back to me on this: it's important! Bubbha

sister sara said...

well well well A MAN WHO VACUMS. I too once had a dyson - hhhmmm no bags great feature but they do not mix with builders ! Happy vacumming bro ! xo

Anonymous said...

Where was this device when we were room mates years ago? Hmm! That was a long time ago. I guess we had Pia. Remember? She even did our ironing. Baked us cookies once. There are some things that technology cannot do.


pukkanova said...

one word - ageism.
2nd word - nyc? you best get in touch boyo..i work in the city everyday now...downtown too..felix xx

Anonymous said...

I like Miele. Excellent casters make it glide like Peggy Flemming across the wood floor. Good handle makes it easy to carry upstairs. Cost $400. Nearly bought one for each floor...

And while we're on the home topic, run right out and buy some Mrs. Meyers cleaning products. I got a case at Christmas. Dish soap. Basic cleaner. Counter-top spray. I like lemon and lavender. Basil would be the manly scent to look for. I have geranium counter spray for my desk at the library. Find it at bigger natural food stores, sometimes Target.


Anonymous said...

Jesus. How long were you in San Fran and did you drink the water?


Anonymous said...

Oh, and Sebo literally wipes the floor with Miele and Dyson.

We used work for Dyson. I lost heart when he upped sticks and outsourced manufacturing from Wiltshire to Malaysia, thereby contributing very publicly to the UK's manufacturing decline.


Terry said...

It never fails to amuse me which posts generate comments.

Alina said...

Terry, thank you for the post! It makes my life so much easier convincing my husband I can't live without a super vacuum cleaner:).

Anonymous said...

When, oh when will Dyson produce a vacuum cleaner that you can ride. Now that would make cleaning interesting.