Monday, April 11, 2011

More Aruba

Aruba is a desert island, formed millions of years ago by violent volcanic eruptions. Roughly 19 miles long and 6 miles across at its widest point, Its famous for its sheltered sandy beaches on the south side of the island. The wild northern coast is largely uninhabited and beautifully battered by windy seas and raging currents.
Aruba is an independent Dutch colony, and most of the people I spoke to had at some point spent time in the Netherlands. The Dutch themselves largely shun the island considering it too "american" and instead prefer other islands in the former Dutch Antilles.
The population of 100,000 enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the region with almost zero unemployment and the economy is almost exclusively tourist based. Though crime is low there is a rather formidable prison on the northern coast, so someone must be getting into some mischief on a regular basis....
Aruba is dry.
As there's little reliable fresh water the island's population relies on desalinisation.
The result is expensive but extremely pure water right out of the tap. The World Health organisation rates Aruba's water as amongst the worlds cleanest.

Pet cemeteries are a big thing on the island.
Can't say I remember seeing anything for people. 
Not much more to add other than to suggest if you ever end up going, rent a car and drive around the island. The best views are on the wild northern coast and you'll come across many deserted spots great for a paddle or a picture.
I'm back on the hamster wheel and head to Europe at the end of the week.
Love to all


Lucia Falcão said...

Virgulino deserves to be buried on a cemetery like this...

Anonymous said...

Aruba looks lovely. Hope you both had a fabulously relaxing time.
Take care