Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

From Brazil I went directly to New Orleans to attend the ALA. The last time I was here (almost exactly a year ago) I had a full afternoon and managed to get some funny pictures. My schedule this visit was compressed and I had to content myself with a quick sweaty walk the afternoon of my departure.  
The Brits sent the Acadians to Louisiana after kicking Montcalm's butt at the plains of Abraham, thereby condemning Nova Scotians to cold potato soup and helping along the development of a Southern US Cajun culture.
Among other things the Acadians brought doughnuts.
One of the results was Cafe Du Monde.
Originally established in 1832 in the French Market it still serves coffee and Beignets (French donuts).
Its open everyday but Christmas day.
You're supposed to eat the doughnuts with Cafe O lait.
Dunk em in the Cafe O lait.
I don't drink anything coffee-like except BLACK coffee.
Black, hot and strong.
The day I went it was 94 degrees F ( that's something like 37 C to you Europeans and Brazilians).
I had a sip, a bite and decided to move on.
Nibble, Nibble, Sweat Sweat....drip..... drip.
Given I just got married I couldn't resist.

From Rio to New Orleans to New York. In a case of Serendipity I saw the van above in the meat packing district promoting the joys of cachaca.

That's it for today.
Its taken some time to finally get this post up and I'm a year older having turned 48.....
The slow slide to 50 is picking up speed.
The picture below is one of the first I ever took with a digital camera and was what inspired me to start this blog. Birthdays tend to make you mark time and reflect on stuff from the past so posting it is kind of a manifestation of that. Next stop on my travels is Lima  next Thursday.
I'll try and get some pics.
Love to all


pukkanova said...

happy birthday T..x

Sister Sara said...

I love this photo can you email it to me so I can put it on my iPad, and print it off it's definitely a framer I bought an attachment for my iPad so now have all Rio pics at hand for viewing.

Kjell Tjensvoll said...

Hi Terry, and Happy Birthday!!

New Orleans is a place I want to visit again. Great pics as usual. The trombone player is my favorite though. :-)


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday. What a year it's been. :)
Best wishes

CDJ said...

I thought of you on your birthday, Terry - Queen Street West, Toronto Starbucks birthday morning - was it last year or the year before?
Congratulations on another circuit around the Sun, and all your well-deserved newfound happiness.