Monday, October 03, 2011


The little girl above is the number one reason I raced back to London from Asia Thursday night. Things being as they are (best laid plans etc.), I only managed to connect with her for pizza Sunday evening.
Initially quite disappointing but the hour os so I did get with her, banished all the grey clouds from my soul.
She's really something special.
Hope I get more time next weekend when I'm back in London.
The London I landed in was balmy.
Not quite a rerun of the heat in KL but not far off.
As plans for bookshops and pizza a la Jess had been derailed, I did my usual St James' Park stroll.
Everyone  going to the park takes the pictures above as the views in each direction from the main bridge are tailor made for a postcard snap. 

Funny to see such a young kid in the horse guards unable to keep a straight face.
He is young right?
When cops and soldiers start looking like kids you know you re getting old.
When the sun comes out in England, it isn't long before parks are packed with people in solar worship mode.
A blanket of fish belly whiteness spread out in every garden and park.
The results are predictable.
Pale skin + hot sun = Lobster-Brit-ti-cus.
That's it for today.
I'm out of London for the next few days but back at the weekend.
With any luck I'll see Jess then!
(Wish me Luck!)
Love to all

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