Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas in Canada

Brrrrrr! That's  a cold Ottawa airport yesterday afternoon.
I spent Christmas with my parents and extended family in the Great White North as well as acquainting my Brazilian wife with the rituals of a Canadian winter .
A Canadian Christmas could be viewed as a baptism of fire for someone  used to the beach on December 25th.
Except fire is warm.
-16 Celsius isn't.
She bundled up and was a good sport if somewhat awkward gettting used to layer upon layer of clothes.
Happily there are more things to do than scrapping ice off the windshield.
Once she got over the temperature she enjoyed herself.
All in all a great Christmas break.
Merry Christmas from the Robinson-OKane clan!
I've been pretty lazy regarding the blog this past month and many of you have sent emails reminding me you're tuning in and getting bored of the same old last post.
The last few entries have deviated a bit from the original purpose of this blog and have had a bit more of a family vibe than usual.
I'll be swinging back to normal travel stuff in the new year.
My break is over and I'm back in the thick of work though I'll be ringing in the new year from Times Square in NYC.
If it gets too cold I'll be ringing in 2012 from a bar in the vicinity of Times Square.
Either way there are bound to be some decent photo ops.
Stay well everyone

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pukkanova said...

Happy New Year Terry and congratulations to you and Lucia - great to see you so happy!