Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Goodbye Rio

I left Rio on Saturday night and as is the way of these things the sun finally made an appearance the day I was leaving. The weather was still unsettled enough that a planned helicopter ride had to be ditched.
We  did what most people do in Rio when they have time on their hands....we went to the beach.

GLOBO and iced tea seem to be a Rio beach tradition. GLOBO are round potato- chip- puff type junk food which to my palate at least are tasteless.
They're part of childhood memories for many from Rio and are as much part of the beach as the surf and lack of cloth in the bathing suits.

 Having been forced from the favelas I'm told that violence has begun to make its presence felt on the beach. Apparently all that sand is a convenient hiding place for knives with which to separate fat Germans tourists from their valuables. I didn't see or feel anything threatening.
I was in Leblon mind you. 
Along with Chanel and Apple stores the neighbourhood has its own police beach patrol. 
Like many cities, you get a different perspective when you gain a little altitude. One of the things to strike me about the city in summer is the amount of greenery that goes relatively unnoticed at ground level. The  canopy of trees enclosing the streets only really stand out when viewed from above.
That's it for today.
Next stop London and Glasgow.
Stay well everyone.


Lucia Robinson said...

More respect to Globo! Haha!
Love the pictures but also the text.
Viva Rio. Love. Wife.

Kjell Tjensvoll said...

Love the shots of Christ peeping out of the clouds there. See you in Glasgow next week I guess. I get in Saturday night. :-)

Anonymous said...

Come on Terry! How about an update?!?!?!

Terry said...

Yes I know, I've been a bit derelict in my posting.New stuff coming soon!