Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mayan Ruins- Tulum

Tulum is a spectacular Mayan archaeological site about 1/12  hours from Cozumel.
 Beginning as a way station for traders travelling along the coast it boastes a sophisticated lighthouse with signal windows facing both North and South. It soon grew into an important economic and cultural hub in the Mayan empire and reached its pinnacle of power  between the 13th and 15th centuries. Though it managed to survive some 70 years beyond the arrival of the Spanish, its thought "European" diseases finally spelled its doom.  

The seaward side sits high on 40 ft cliffs and walls keep out the jungle on the landward perimeter.
As was common in Mayan culture human sacrifice ( children and babies primarily) was practised at Tulum. The Spanish saw this as barbaric and went on to slaughter a continent in their self professed role of bringing civilization to the natives

At the entrance to the visitor's centre there are a few guys charging tourist pictures to pose with an iguana.
Save your money.
They're all over the ruins and gardens running wild.

Tulum was a trek to get to from the cruise ship at Cozumel, but was a worthwhile stop.
I'd think at the height of summer it would be pretty tough going but visiting as I did in April, it was merely hot.
Worth a visit.
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More to come tomorrow.

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pukkanova said...

Ah Tulum, one of my favorite places, been going there for about 12 years..when you kids heading to NY?