Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I was in Hamburg last week having flown directly from Thailand.
I arrived to glorious weather though the 32 degrees Celsius was a bit of a shock as it was almost as hot as  Bangkok. I had two hours to walk around and see what I could see so I took it.
Not much time to get a sense of the place and I didn't get to  visit the bar the  20 year old Beatles played in 1960 but an interesting afternoon none the less. 
As is the way in Germany, there are half hidden glimpses of a dark time not so long ago.
Hamburg is Europe's busiest port.
Think of all those VW's, Beemers and Mercs loaded up and shipped to all points.
I dug into the heart attack grub with a false sense of security afforded by the dose of statins now part of my daily routine.
Why does stuff that's bad for you have to taste so good?
That's it for now.
Stay well

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