Saturday, October 20, 2012

Victory at the Big House

I went to the Big House today to introduce Lucia to a rather unique aspect of Midwest culture:
Whilst the Stadium slowly filled she grew acquainted to the art of the pre-game tailgate.
Now that all 113,000+ have gathered, its time to begin.
Do me a favor, click on the pic below. 
This just doesn't do it justice.........
Some interesting football.
Michigan won the game against State with 5 seconds left.
As you can see the faithful celebrated.
So what did my Brazilian wife make of all this fuss?'
She's a convert to our football .
Well........... kind of:
The event, with its organisation, safety and light hearted rivalry as well as the cliff hanger finish was impressive for her.
She was puzzled why the crowd didn't dance a bit more to the band in the stands though.

That's it for today.
Stay well everyone.

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