Thursday, February 14, 2013

Last bits from Rio and Uruguay

I was in Brazil and Uruguay over Christmas and New Years.  It was really hot in Rio never dropping below the high 30's Celsius.
I've dispensed with the usual "Christ the Redeemer" shots as they've been done to death on other posts. I had quite a few more pictures than I've put up but suffered a bit of a computer melt down resulting in many of the images vanishing into wherever they disappear when things go pear shaped. Its a shame because I had some awesome shots that are now gone forever.  
Though it was hot and sunny most of our stay, it also had its stormy and wet moments. The city takes on a completely different vibe when the clouds roll in: the beach clears and the sky seems to descend to rooftop level.
When the sky cleared the surf was rough and dangerous. Despite warnings and prohibitions from entering the water, there's no convincing the foolhardy. Three people drowned when we were there.
The guy below was lucky, especially after a similar rescue the day before had resulted in the helicopter crashing into the sea.

Lucky boy.
I bet he'll be a little more careful in the future.
The helicopter pics and the one below are courtesy of my lovely wife.
They're great shots and a result of her eagle eye not mine.
We spent Christmas in Montevideo the capital of Uruguay.
Lucia's sister lives there with her husband and two boys and they proved to be gracious and generous hosts.
I'd never been to Uruguay before but know I'll be back.
At  precisely midnight on  Christmas eve/ Christmas Day the city of Montevideo erupted into 10 minutes of Fireworks.
I've never seen anything like it.
Montevideo is rich in Spanish colonial architecture and feels very European.
Similar to Argentina.
But its NOT Argentina.
DIFFERENT football teams.
Similar coloured uniforms granted but DIFFERENT teams.
Argentinians may smile and think differently (not the bit about football), and allude to a province kind of vibe, but they're misguided.
OK we can now move on now that's been firmly established.

The water  in these pictures is fresh water.
The city nestles on the Plata river which separates the country from Argentina (remember thats a DIFFERENT COUNTRY). A river it may be, but is so wide it feels like an ocean. Strain as I might I couldn't see anything of the other side.
Lunch in Uruguay is not for those worried about their cholesterol.
Dinner is BBQ, also kind of tough on those watching thier diet.
That's it for today.
Love to all and stay well.

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Eleni R. said...

A beautiful photograph of you and lucia . Also as usual the photos do capture the feeling of the place and your commentary is very interesting and informative .

Keep blogging, both of you .that way, we feel that we are sharing your experiences a little !!!