Sunday, October 14, 2007

A bench at the side of the road, ham in every bar, Football buskers and alleys

A simple bench at the side of the road.
But it feels more like a work of art than somewhere to rest your feet though nobody seems to do so.
I did with a smoke, coffee and donut.
Jambon in every bar.
Alleys that invoke cool feelings.
Tourists everywhere.
Beer, wine and a scary walk back to the hotel at 1:30.
This being Spain, the only buskers doing serious business have a particular set of skills with a round ball..... Alleys and shutters.
I''m a sucker for both.
Its almost impossible to get a cab when you need one here.
They're cheap when you get em, just hard to come by.
That's enough.
As of late, this post has no deep insight or ruminations of note.
Just pics really.
None of you read the words much anyway.More to come.
Love to all

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Anonymous said...

The words are important - don't diss them.