Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Its wise,
To know which way the gun is pointing ,
before you yell,
I see the whites of their eyes.
Sometimes you'll find,
your senses all disjointed by
the lines , and whiles
Of salesmen, cheats and liars......."

That's not my quote .
But true none the less.
Canadians are a wise bunch.
Be well everyone.


Anonymous said...

Are we lead to beleave you are one of the above !!

David said...

Not sure about the quote. I don't recognize it, but perhaps I should. I hope you were not too cheated or let down. I do know that Canadians are wise

Terry said...

It's a quote from Lowest of the Low, and no I don't fit into the role of either the manipulator nor the befuddled. It simply summed up a situation a friend of mine found himself in when work politics and personal life strife conspired to cause him to make some rather rash choices.
He's now picking up the pieces.

David said...

Thanks for the clarification. Good to know that the Lowest of the Low CD I dug up for you has some relevance. It is a great CD. I will have to get it back from you sometime.


David said...

By the way, I hope your friend is OK!