Tuesday, November 13, 2007

8 hours to get to Frankfurt and a Brooklyn rant

I'm finally in Frankfurt after a journey lasting over 8 hours (the flight is 1 hour 20 minutes).
Delays, traffic and more delays.
Its freezing here and doesn't know whether to rain or snow.
I just got the following email when I logged in. I hope the person who sent it doesn't mind that I posted it
Musings of a Transplant Victim

There they go again. Hipster fucks making noise at all hours of the goddamned night. Gentrificationists they all are, ruining Brooklyn with their rock music and bad art and stealing my shut eye. I hate them. I see them, walking down the street in their skinny jeans, beat up converse high-tops and caked on pastel eye shadow. Thinking that they are better than us cause they can afford to live in the oppressive loft condo that blocks out my sun. Since when did dressing badly make you cool? I really wish they would go away.
Ok. I don't hate them. I just wish they wouldn't live here.
It's obvious that if given the chance I would switch places with Becky any day, swapping Bushwick for Bedford Avenue any day. Life around here isn't as sweet as some of us want to believe, and with these mofo's moving in every day, less and less of Brooklyn belongs to people who don't have trust funds or mommy and daddy to foot the bill. Soon we'll only be living in the projects near the local check cashing spot or hours away in Far Rock behind God's back. And for what? To be able to keep calling myself a Brooklynite? To give love to the "hood" and to say "NYC forever?" Then what? Is staying here worth it?
I hope the weather and real estate situation is better wherever you are!
Love to all


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David said...

Maybe you should move to Toronto. OK, I am lucky to live in a great part of Toronto - right Terry? Real Estate keeps ticking along here. It may not forever. I really mean it. Move here. It is a great city. Unfortunately, the Canadian $ is now worth more than the US $, so your $ doesn't go as far as it use to.

In all seriousness, Toronto and NYC are great, but also have their respective problems. To the person in question - try to enjoy what you have.