Sunday, November 11, 2007


I had the day with my daughter yesterday and in casual conversation she mentioned to me that her mother was "absolute rubbish" at chess.......
A quick trip to Woolworth's and we settled down to TWO HOURS of Chess.
It was an absolute delight. Watching a seven year old hunched over the board, concentrating with all her little might, setting traps for her daddy, and thinking 3 moves ahead ......
Astonishment on my part.
Time is flying by.I remember I used to play every night with my dad before bed ( as a preliminary to being read a chapter of the Hobbit). He'd spend the whole time with a smile on his face and now I understand why.
My kid never ceases to amaze me.
I know all dad's say that but it doesn't make it any less true.
She's growing up and the miracle of her little mind and smile makes me full of pride and wonder.
Where is time going?
It seems to speed up as I get older.
My dad used to say:
" The telephone poles at the side of the road turn into a picket fence as you get older"

I'm back in Cambridge on this cold grey Sunday and have to get my head around the million domestic bits and pieces that are sitting waiting to get done.
I just finished watching the annual ritual in London and found it sad and depressing.
How many Remembrance Sundays stretch ahead against a backdrop of daily drip feed casualty reports.?
Twos and threes.
Just numbers on the screen and back to our own little dramas.
The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month was supposed to commemorate the end of the War to End All Wars.

Life goes on and very little changes.
Ever notice how it always circles back to more of the same?

This week I'm in Germany.
Next week Russia.
The week after I'm in Dubai and India.

Hurrah for little girls who've discovered Chess!
Hope all is well and life is happy and healthy.


Anonymous said...

Fab post - zillions times better than the ridiculous show of Rio flesh.

Anonymous said...

Well i would say by the look on Jess's face she beat you :) nice one Jess :) and this is only the beging, you wait , she will teach you a thing or two as i well no :) penny xx

Terry said...

Oh dear
The Rio post wasn't that bad.
Some interesting pics lurking in there, don't ya think?
Maybe even some "Fab" pics?
I'm at a loss but know that whenever I'm with Jess I'm inspired and so those posts are easy. Its when I need to struggle and pull something out of a place where I'm shattered, have no luggage and still try to be positive.....well not so easy as it sounds.
Remember, this blog is a hobby and not my job.
To post is a bit of fun and not always the result of any sort of huge inspiration.
Thanks for the comments folks .
It makes me think that this isn't just some shout into a indifferent night.
You're all reading at your desk with your morning coffee!

Anonymous said...

Actually i am usualy sitting on the sofa reading your posts,with my coffee and the dog giving me evils ,cos i have not taken him out for his morning run in the park with play mates .lol and i am not a board house wife :) LOL I have learnt to be a nicer person from my children :) penny xx

Terry said...

Good lord my last comment was at the end of a long tiring get the jist anyway I trust.....