Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another week ahead

Naww its not that bad.
I'm in the UK this week.
I've spent the weekend getting tons of sleep and little done.
I seem to be far more productive when I squeeze stuff into little slots of time and operate alot better running a million miles an hour on 6 hours sleep rather than cruising along on the 8-12 I've been getting over the past couple of days. (Wow that sentence took a deep breath to complete.)
Strange that stress and pressure makes life more productive.
I've got to change this somehow because though its good to be busy, its also rather difficult to see how stress over long periods can be anything but bad.
But I may be wrong on this.
Can you tell I'm at a loose end at the moment?
Weekends without Jess tend to be like that.
Go about your business.

Hope your Sunday is going well.


David said...

Depends on how you define productive. But to a degree you are correct. Always give a big task to the busy person. It is more likely to get done and done well.

However, take it easy my friend.

Anonymous said...

The image reminds me of the artist who created Daily Monster -

- Manya