Monday, November 19, 2007

Funny old world.....

I've been thinking far too much lately.
About my life.
It's been a lot of :
"What might of beens"
"What could've beens"
"What should have beens"...
Recently I did something for someone that I knew would make a real difference in their life. Nothing dramatic.
Just a nice thing.
A weakness I'm prone too from time to time.
A "Terry" thing.
If you know me personally, then you know what I'm talking about.
Something nice, for someone nice, who deserved it on the back of something shitty that happened to them.
I 'll get back to this theme in a bit.
First though:
I've had a barrage of emails from someone who feels I've "stolen" an image of his.
This is despite the fact that I plucked the pic from "Google images" .
It had no copyright nor restrictions attached.
I won't remove it nor tell you which one it is.
Instead I'll offer up the only picture I think I've ever taken which means anything.
"Malcolm" if that's your real name, this pic has no copyright:

It 's something I'm really proud of.
Taken with a shitty Olympus camera that today wouldn't be for sale in Wall mart.

Download it.....blow it up , photoshop it.

Look at her face.

To me there are a million stories in this woman's glance.
The small hint of her wrist.
The sadness in her face.
The humanity in someone so different from you and me.
I have friends who are REAL photographers ( Manya).
I'm not.
This picture made me want to try and take pictures.
I feel that this little snapshot, this little reality and sadness in Beirut before the bombs started to fall is a touchpoint in my life.
Do with this picture what you will.
I'm not an artist in the way many of my friends who are.
But I think I'm offering up something of equal quality to what you say I've "poached" from you .
Respect it.

Back to the point of this post.
If you read this blog regularly then you know me in some way as many of your comments are often very close to the mark.
As you come back again and again, allow me to ask something of you:
Do something nice for someone without any hope of any benefit.
Within whatever means you may possess.
The warm sense of well being will pay you back ten times over.
Karma will do something for you in the future?
Probably not.
Just do it for the sake of doing it.


David said...

It may actually be the most important attribute in a person and it's called "kindness".

A Canadian author and great human being by the name of June Callwood died recently. However, in her life she helped found over 50 social organizations including Nellie's women's shelter and Casey House, Canada's first AIDS hospice. She spoke eloquently - as you do Terry - about being kind to others and there is now an award handed out in Canada every year in her name. After her death, a representative for her family asked that people try harder at being kind and others coined it as performing a "Callwood". She was not great because she was a Canadian, but rather because she was a human being that believed in the word and the deed of being kind and doing something nice for others. We cannot all be so great, but we can as Terry says "do something nice for someone without any hope of any benefit."

Thanks for the post Terry. I hope I have been a good enough friend to you over the years and I hope I get the chance to do some nice things for you and others in the years to come.

Anonymous said...

I love Karma :) it is something i have learned only in the last few years, good and bad , bad you have to learn from !! penny xx